Cardio – should it be a regular requirement in your exercise routine?

Most SupaChicks know that we should try and work out no less than three days a week in order to reach our goals, but what you might be wondering is how important cardio training is to your weekly workout routine? Not just that, but you might want to know what workouts qualify as cardio?

What The Heck Is Cardio Training?

Cardio training refers to any physical activity that increases your heart rate by a moderate level. Increasing your heart rate is essential for working out an often forgotten muscle—your heart. Working out your heart will help to improve blood circulation, which is essential for setting off a chain reaction of positive health benefits!

To ensure that your workouts are balanced, cardio should be mixed in with strength training and holistic wellness sessions (yoga, meditation, stretching, massage etc.) The result of this balanced exercise schedule is a body that is Supa fit and Supa fabulous!

The Great Thing About Cardio

One of the many great things about cardio is that if you already participate in any form of fitness or extracurricular sports, the odds are that you are already getting in your required cardio training. While running, aerobic fitness classes, and cycling are some of the most common “cardio” activities, brisk walking, light weight HIIT, dancing and many yoga fusion classes provide you with the cardio benefits you require.

Cardio facts:

  1. If your goal is to lose weight, 45 minutes of moderate cardio 4 to 6 days a week is essential. For maintenance and general cardio health, 20 to 30 minutes of moderate cardio is required 4 to 6 days a week. By “moderate” that means you need not overexert yourself, but that your heart rate increase should be notable.
  2. Cardio training not only exercises your heart rate, but also reduces your risk of many major health concerns—including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.
  3. Cardio training will make you feel good! This includes increasing metabolism and  increasing your body’s production of mood-boosting endorphins – click here to read more from live


  1. Cardio training refers to any physical activity that increases your heart rate by a moderate level.
  2. To ensure your body is Supa fit and Supa fabulous, your workouts should be balanced – combining cardio, weight training and holistic sessions – this is the training structure SupaChick’s online programming follows.
  3.  Cardio training increases your metabolism as well as giving you the “feel good” factor as it releases positive mood-boosting endorphins!
  4. Last but not least, the key to any successful workout routine is to find fitness solutions you enjoy.

Why not CLICK HERE to purchase either the 4 week, 8 week or 12 week SupaChick Fitness Programmes available on the SupaChick shop. Throughout the programme cycles there are designated cardio days, alongside weight sessions and holistic wellness sessions such as yoga and stretching…and of course  you are encouraged to have fun whilst you are doing it 😉


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