Build confidence – be Unstoppable, be a SupaChick

Confidence is the difference between “I can’t” and “I am unstoppable!” The number one rule to success is to believe in yourself…if you don’t have that self belief, no one else will believe in you. There is one common trait among highly successful people that is universal, no matter what it is that they are trying to accomplish: They believe in themselves. For most people confidence isn’t something that just happens, it is something that is developed over time. Here are 6 ways that you can build the kind of confidence that makes you truly unstoppable in life and become a SupaChick:

1.Set realistic goals:

The key to building personal confidence starts with being real with yourself. Know your abilities, know your limitations. Too often we expect more from ourselves and feel like a failure when we can’t achieve things that are, in reality, nearly impossible. Set goals that may not necessarily be reached tomorrow, but are within your ability to be accomplished – these could be short term, medium term or long term aspirations.

2.Face your fears and embrace them:

Fear is healthy in the sense that we can overcome it. There is nothing that builds confidence more than gaining the courage to face your fears – acknowledge them, do not give into them, they will not beat you. Fear exists for a reason, to get our attention and make us focus. Fear doesn’t exist to hold us back.

3.Pick your battles:

Set your goal, acknowledge the challenges and move through these challenges in a manner that allows for small victories. Don’t go “all guns blazing,” generate momentum through “baby steps” – little by little. It’s these small victories that add together to build your overall confidence.

4.Understand and accept your failures:

Failures do not mean its game over. They are simply lessons in how the task should not be completed as well as how it should be completed. Failure does not mean that we are inept, it just means that we are learning. Change your perspective from “failure” to “lesson learnt” is the best way to build confidence.

5.Let the right people support you:

The people you surround yourself with makes all the difference when it comes to self confidence. Even when it is not a group goal and it is a more personal goal such as getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, it is the “right people” that support you who nurture that confidence that you have in yourself.

6.Make tangible goals:

One of the easiest way to monitor, build and develop self confidence if to make them tangible. Decide what it is you want to achieve and then take time to write down what the tasks/goals are and what you think you need to do in order to accomplish them. As you tick off the little “baby steps” that are associated with the end goal, you start to build more and more confidence in yourself.


1. Be real with yourself.

2. Face your fears.

3. Take baby steps towards your end goal.

4. Failure does not mean its game over.

5. Self confidence doesn’t happen over night.

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Gym bag essentials that every SupaChick requires

Don’t you just hate it when you have found the time and motivation to drag yourself to the gym only to find out that you have forgotten essential workout clothing or personal necessities. Even the most well-stocked gyms lack the personalised items you require pre and post workout. By keeping these essentials in your bag, you will be set for a successful workout:

  1. Hydration—Keep a water bottle you reserve solely for gym use. Keep it clean, and full of water so you can easily hydrate throughout your workout. Even if you splurge and buy a sports drink or coconut water, having a backup is always a good idea.
  2. Cosmetic Bag—Keep a small cosmetic bag in your gym bag stocked with no less than: deodorant, facial/body wipes, lotion, lip balm, facial moisturiser, foundation, hand sanitiser, and just-in-case feminine care products.
  3. Hair Essentials—The hair essentials you require will vary depending on the length and style of your hair. Essentials include comb, brush, headband, hair tie, kirby grips, travel-sized hair product, and dry shampoo.
  4. Nutrition Bar—It is always a good idea to give your body an extra boost of protein within 30 minutes of a good workout. Sports bars are easy to pack, and bringing your own is cheaper than buying one at your gym – just watch the sugar content that may be packed into that one small bar!
  5. Towel/Wash Cloth—Every gym and fitness studio varies. Some offer clean towels for free, some charge a towel fee, and some do not offer towels. Even if you don’t plan on showering, bring a washcloth to wipe away sweat while working out, and a small towel in case any last minute plans arise, and you decide to take a shower.
  6. Cotton Socks—It’s happened to every SupaChick at least once. You head straight from work to the gym, only to find you forgot to pack gym socks. This leaves you working out sock-less, or in your dress socks. Remind yourself to pack socks each time you pack your gym bag, but stash an extra pair in your bag, just in case.
  7. A Wrinkle-Free Top—Plans are constantly changing, and you may find that instead of heading straight home after your workout, you have a few errands to run, or you meet friends for a quick bite to eat. So you need not get fully suited up again, keep a wrinkle-free top in your bag you can throw on post workout. 

These essentials above are of course in addition to your workout basics: workout clothing, shoes, and workout-specific fitness gear. I know, the list above sounds long, but it won’t take up as much room as you might think. Shape magazine offers a few suggestions on stylish gym bags that have all the compartments you need to store your essentials.


  1. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – Pack your gym bag the night before you plan to go to the gym. Even if you don’t plan to go first thing, this will avoid you rushing around and potentially forgetting one (if not more) of your gym bag essentials.
  2. Use the 7 essentials “check list” above to ensure everything you need is in your bag and ready for use.
  3. Replenish your “gym bag stock” – miniatures/travel sized cosmetics and light weight clothing/towels ensures that your bag is that bit easier to lug around all day. However, by doing this you may find you need to stock up and replace a little more often, so make sure you keep on top of your stock ;).

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