Carb Phobia? Why you need to get over it…

Ladies…please listen to what I am about to say – “DO NOT be SCARED of the word CARBS”

Seriously, you shouldn’t be afraid of carbohydrates as manipulating them can be a powerful fat-loss tool. Before you get too excited that I am suggesting you can go and over indulge on a pizza or power your way through multiple packets of crisps, let me be clear that when I am talking about carbs, I am referring to “good” carbs!

Good carbs are wholesome, complex and unrefined carbohydrates that are high in fibre and contain essential vitamins and nutrients. If controlled, foods such as vegetables, legumes, and whole grains can be a great aid to fat-loss and lean muscle generation as well as leaving you feeling satisfied and energised.

“Carbohydrates give you energy and help retain muscle, yet they can also stimulate fat storage. When you eat fewer carbs and replace those carbs with protein, the body ramps up fat-mobilizing enzymes and hormones, resulting in accelerated fat loss,” Rachel Cosgrove, celebrity trainer and author of The Female Body Breakthough says. “However, a prolonged period of low or no carbs will leave your muscles weak and lacking in glycogen.”

Completely eliminating carbs not only makes you feel sluggish and deprived, and it’s actually not good for you…in fact, you are putting yourself into starvation mode and as a result training your body to preserve fat – meaning you may struggle to lose weight long term. To maximize the benefits of carbohydrates my advice is to restrict your carb intake to wholesome complex carbohydrates that are unrefined and organic where possible; limit the amount of simple sugars such as fructose (from fruit, juices, smoothies etc); and avoid all refined carbohydrates – they are the devil!


  1. Do not deprive your body of “good” carbs – manipulate them as a powerful fat-loss too.
  2. Prolonged periods of low or no carbs will put your body in starvation mode resulting in preserving fat.
  3. Refined carbohydrates are the devil – avoid them as much as possible.

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