Sleep to stay young!

Sleep is a key component to the desired healthy lifestyle you have always dreamt about…EVERYTHING happens in your sleep! Reductions in the amount or quality of sleep has been associated with many disorders including: lack of energy, poor memory and performance,premature ageing and being overweight to name a few. Some people seem to neglect the importance of aiming to get 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Here I have broken sleep effects down into 4 categories: Muscles, Skin, Brain and Digestion to allow you to gain a better insight into the relationship sleep has with each and really make catching some zzz’s top of your priorities.

1. Muscles

Sleep is the prime time for your body to rest, restore, and reset. Your growth hormone only functions at night meaning it is prime time for your lean muscles to grow and in turn burn body fat whilst doing so.

2. Skin

During sleep your skins grows and sheds at a faster rate resulting in cellular renewal and noticeably glowing skin.

3. Brain

Sleep has been proven to improve memory and concentration levels meaning you are more alert and ready to tackle your day.

4. Digestion

Your parasympathetic nervous system is dominant at rest (sleep being the best form of rest of course) which favours blood flow through your entire bloodstream which enhances absorption of gut breakdown products. Parasympathetic activation also stimulates salivary gland secretion, gastric activity and peristalsis – all aiding in digestion efficiency.


  1. Aim to get 6-8 hours of sleep per day
  2. Reductions in quality sleep can lead to a number of disorders
  3. Sleep has a positive relationship with your Muscles, Skin, Brain and Digestion.

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SupaChick x

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