Why exercise SHOULD be part of your lifestyle

Everyone needs to organise and prioritise daily activities in their personal lives. What most people DON’T do is put their health first by making the time for regular exercise. Pressures of work and family often take a front seat and your health is left by the way side. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore but more of a nonnegotiable. When I talk about exercise I don’t necessarily mean vigorous weight training or high intensity workouts, exercise can be any form of physical activity from walking and running to Yoga and Tai Chi.

What we need to understand is that no matter how busy our lives get or how mentally drained we may feel, exercise will always make you feel better – you’ll feel fit, healthy, reenergised and positive.

Here are 6 great reasons you should exercise regularly:


It may seem counterintuitive but researchers say expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run. Exercise improves circulation and strengthens your heart which in return will improve energy levels. Exercise supports the physical and mental demands of everyday life. And, if that’s not enough it will help you dance longer, play harder and live longer.


Regular exercise helps alleviate stress by releasing “feel good” endorphins, leaving you calm, happy, and peaceful but with increased energy levels.


Working out helps you fall asleep more easily, wake up feeling more reenergised, and feel the benefits of a quality night’s sleep. Exercise can strengthen circadian rhythms, promoting daytime alertness and helping bring on sleepiness at night.


Over time flexibility can decrease up to 50% which restricts your mobility. Regular exercise not only keeps you strong, youthful and feeling great, regular stretching and myofascia release will leave your muscles long and lean.


Exercise speeds up your metabolism by creating more lean muscle. More muscle means burning more calories and in turn reducing body fat.


The simple act of exercise and the “feel good” factor it generates leaves you happier in your own body, boosting your self esteem and reducing symptoms of depression.


So if exercise is so good for us and makes us feel so good, why are so many people inactive? The hardest part for sure is getting started. The idea of change terrifies many of us, but once you get into a regular routine, you wont want to stop. I’m not talking about a quick fix here. There is no magic pill or superfood that’s going to make this happen over night. I’m talking about long lasting sustainable change to reap the lifelong physical and mental benefits of exercise.

First ask yourself why. Why should you exercise? It will most likely be to gain one or even all of the benefits stated above.  Work out what motivates you and ease into it slowly and gradually build up to a regular exercise habit until it becomes part of your lifestyle.

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