*GUEST BLOG* – Michael Watts: The benefits of TRX Suspension Training for Women

Michael Watts is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for England Women’s football and is also a Nike training ambassador – offering consultancy and support to Nike Training online content and practical delivery. Today he has written a piece for SupaChick on The Benefits of TRX Suspension Training for Women…ENJOY!

Suspension training has been reported to be an effective form of body weight exercise, which allows loading and unloading of movements, on stable and unstable surfaces in a variety of different planes of motion. This makes the modality of suspension training suitable for anyone of varying abilities from the first time gym goer all the way up to the professional athlete.

TRX suspension training can be an effective method of training and there is evidence to support its role in the reduction of injuries and increase of performance (Bettendorf, 2010). TRX suspension training can not only help you stay injury free but if your training for an event such as a 10k run the benefits could also help increase your performance.

If it’s a more aerobic workout your looking for, combine a number of different exercises to get the heart rate up and create yourself not only a strength workout but also a metabolic workout.

Exercise programs that incorporate instability exercises can be effective in reducing the risk of lower and upper limb injuries, including lowering the risk of acute knee and ankle injuries (Hubscher et al, 2010).  The female athlete is more prone to knee valgus type injuries so the ability to reduce this risk in a modality of training which is controlled and challenging is essential.

So what is TRX suspension training and how does it work? 

A single anchor point generally supports the users hands or feet while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. Muscular strength, endurance, metabolic conditioning, core stability, balance and flexibility are all areas, which can be worked on using the TRX suspension trainer.

TRX suspension training exercises are predominately closed chain kinetic exercises, these type of exercises result in greater joint stability and decreased shear forces through increased muscular co-contraction/co-activation compared to open kinetic chain exercises (Kibler and Livingston, 2001).

TRX suspension training system can be used to condition the core muscles, the upper and lower body and even flexibility exercises. The versatility of the system allows the TRX to be used in a 360 degree environment.

The fact that all TRX exercises activate the core also make this an excellent choice as you get more bang for your buck! This allows you to save time during your workout and everyone wants a strong core – thats a given!

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Michael Watts

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