*GUEST BLOG* – Diana Azavedo: Yoga – a union of mind, body and self

Diana Azavedo is the founder of Radiance of Yoga, Dubai. Diana developed a fondness for yoga some years ago and has since followed her passion and built up her own yoga and wellness business together with her mother. Radiance of Yoga offers a variety of classes and information relating to the improvement of health and wellness through yoga and is based in Dubai. Today Diana has written a piece for SupaChick around her belief that the practice of Yoga helps one to find the light, the guidance and the radiance within one’s self…ENJOY! 

Is there anyone who has not heard about Yoga in today’s modern world. If you look around, every gym and wellness centre offers Yoga today – some of the biggest successful events revolve around health and fitness. With the ever soaring stress levels in our life today, it is no surprise that Yoga, a centuries old physical, mental and spiritual discipline is gaining more popularity day by day.

So why is Yoga so good for you? How does it benefit you? and what is Yoga? Yoga from its Sanskrit root “yuj” means to unite or join. To attain this unity or one-ness, you can work towards the body, then the mind and finally with the inner self. This work involves actual practice not only reading articles or theories.

Most people are initially attracted to the obvious physical benefits because we can relate best with our gross self- the body. On a pure physical layer; the practice of asana or a pose helps you build muscle flexibility & strength, perfects posture & spine alignment, relieves back pain, massages your internal organs which aids digestion; all of which contribute towards a good night’s sleep and rest. After a while, it sparks curiosity of whether Yoga is just about the physical or is there something more subtle to it?

Understand that the physical practice in a yoga studio is an important but minuscule part of Yoga, only to prepare the body to sit in a steady and comfortable pose to prepare for other more powerful aspects of Yoga like pranayama (breathing techniques) and finally meditation. Yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve harmony between the body, mind and inner self as the goal of Yoga is defined to be. The meditative practice provides a personal platform for you to observe your sensations arising from surrounding activities, or interactions with other people or our emotions caused by ever-changing circumstances around us. You will see that stress levels may continue to remain the same, however your ability to manage stress has changed dramatically. This in turn creates a significant calmness and a positive outlook, which also has tremendous benefits on the physical health of the body.

Yoga becomes your very own support system, and it takes continuous effort and dedication, which is why it is called a discipline and a practice. You enrol on your mat each time, you take time out for yourself every day, every time to breathe, to stretch , relax and de-stress. So ask yourself…Are you ready for your first Yoga class? 🙂

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Diana Azavedo x

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